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Creative Process 1: "War Bird"
I created this small project as a skills test for Centerscore. This started as a 4" x 2" rough sketch on scrap bristol board with a 2H pencil. To save time. I then drew over it with PILOT Fineliner pen. (Just the lines I wanted)
I then scanned the thumbnail at 200dpi. I brought the rasterized image into Adobe Illustrator and proceeded to vectorize the image by creating paths outlining the figure. I isolated certain portions of the art (like text) so they can be adjusted without effecting the overall drawing.
As I was continuing to refine the art. I decide to redraw the wings pulling them foward and out more. The process wasn't dificult. It only involves adding and adjusting a few points and curves. The wing now look more encompassing, giving the figure more presence. I also enlarge the bird's right talon and bomb. This creates more exaggeration and dramatic flare. I then replace the thin font with a much wider one for better visibility and branding.
I drop simple flat colors on the main parts of the design. Since this is primarily for web display, I decide to finish the rest of the highlights in Adobe Photoshop.
I export the art in layers from Illustrator because it would be easier to add backgrounds rather that working around a flat image. To save time, I simply use the "dodge and burn tool" in Photoshop to create the highlights and shadows.
With the background, I use the "cloud" and the "lighting" filter to create a simple "searchlight" effect.
Lastly, I add flack explosions using the paint brush. I daub a few colors and use the "smudge" tool as well as a radial-motion-blur filter to give the effect of spreading.
By separating the text, I can easily create a different design scheme.
Creative Process 2Resumé