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Here at Unicorn, The executive chef of Unicorn, Kim has over 30 years of cuisine experience. She began her cooking lessons at a young age while living in Shan Tou, a region next to Canton, China. There she learned the art of Chao Zhou cuisine. When she moved to Vietnam she added Vietnamese cuisine to her specialties. Kim and her husband Bo, who specializes in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine, opened their first successful restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam called Ka’lin. Like the Unicorn, Ka’lin is a mystical beast mandated by heaven to bring prosperity to the land. In the Greek tale of the Unicorn’s horn of plenty, Zeus broke the horn of a goat and offered it to the people for their prosperity. The tale of Ka’lin resembles the Unicorn’s tale by emphasizing purity, serenity and an auspicious omen. Inspired by his mother's first restaurant Ka’lin, Kiet opened Unicorn October of 2001.

At Unicorn, our intention is to create memories by providing a pleasant surrounding, great cuisine, and wonderful service. The interior of the restaurant is designed to provide a feeling of tranquility and comfort. The lighting is custom designed to coordinate with our purple linen tile ceiling. The black and white photos offer a nostalgic glimpse of Vietnam while the sound of light jazz floats over the dining room. The soft glow of flickering candles, ripped corn colored wall and soft maple front all combine to create a romantic rest for dating couples, an intimate get away for business dinners, and a cherished setting for family celebrations. Not only do we offer excellent culinary art from all over Asia, but we also strive to provide a pleasant environment where our friendly staff will create an unforgettable dining experience for all. So, please come and experience Unicorn.
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