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Specialty Rolls
Taro Rolls • Mango Rolls •Prawn Spring Rolls • Imperial Rolls • Chao Zhou Rolls
Horn of Plenty
Taro Spring Rolls • Mango Spring Rolls • Chao Zhou Rolls •Crispy Imperial Rolls • Charbroiled Lemongrass New Zealand Mussels with Roasted Peanuts • Lemongrass Roasted Quail • Salt & Pepper Prawns • Filet of Cuttlefish
Land Course
Lemongrass Roasted Quails • Pickled Lotus Rootlet Salad with 5 Spice Duck • Bone Oxtail Stew with Cabernet Reduction over Spinach Noodles • Choice of Desserts
Sea Course
New Zealand Green Lip Mussels in Coconut-Wasabi Cream • Ahi Tuna (Sashimi Grade #1) with Green Mango, • Pickled Lotus Rootlets and Basil on Nori*• Atlantic Salmon with Tomatoes in Penang Baba Curry • Rice • Choice of Desserts
Vegan Course
Unicorn Taro Rolls • Lotus Rootlet Salad with Pine Nuts • Tofu simmered in Coconut Wasabi Bisque • Spicy Mango Bean Curd • Jasmine Rice • Choice of Desserts
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